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Why We're Different

You have worked hard throughout your life to provide for your family and secure a financial nest egg. We understand that farming is a way of life and whether you need financial planning for your operation or as you approach retirement age, it’s important to have a solid strategy in place. A plan that will honor your decades of hard work and commitment. Agdeavor Investments is a fee-only firm that provides a holistic approach to wealth management, and specializes in helping individuals in the agricultural industry prepare for their succession plans and ideal retirement.

Agdeavor Investments serves individuals in rural communities throughout Ohio including soybean, corn, livestock and grain farms, agricultural cooperatives and more. We are active members in Ohio Agribusiness Association, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, The Ohio State University CFAES.

In the world of retirement planning firms, you have endless options to choose from. Agdeavor Investments seeks to be your best option, by providing unparalleled support and financial coaching services you can trust. We are dedicated to getting to know you, and helping you reach your retirement goals. When you make the decision to partner with our firm, you will gain incredible insight into your current financial picture, and complete confidence in your future wealth outlook.

Above and beyond the advice and guidance we provide as advisors, we have built up a professional network of strategic partners to better serve our clients in all areas of retirement and operations. From insurance products, to tax planning services, to estate plans - our renowned strategic partners are positioned to help our clients secure their future wealth, and reach their goals throughout retirement.

Ultimately, what makes us different is what makes us human - a passion for helping others, and a desire to put the needs of our clients before our own.